General Contracting

A construction project can be a huge undertaking.  Without the prior experience or proper expertise, you may quickly find yourself confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  Our best advice in this instance:  Leave it to the professionals!  As your general contractor, we will handle the arduous tasks of arranging subcontractors, coordinating the construction schedule, and overseeing day-to-day operations on the job site.

Construction Management

Do you have a project that you are looking to start?  As your construction manager, we will collaborate with you to finalize design decisions and establish a realistic budget and construction timeline.  Throughout the project, we will serve as your advisor as well as your liaison with the various subcontractors and vendors.


Basement Renovations

A finished basement is a valuable feature in any home. Renovating the basement is a way to gain additional living space to suit your needs. Whether you're starting with a blank canvas or updating the current finishes, we can help create the space you desire in your basement.

Concrete Installation

Concrete is a great choice for stairs, patios, sidewalks, garage/basement floors, and dozens of other applications. However, It is a very unforgiving material and specific steps must be followed to insure proper installation and durability.  Installing concrete is a challenging job, but PAC Leaders is up for the challenge!


Commercial Carpentry

From offices and community centers to retail locations and multifamily residences, PAC Leaders can help you renovate or build-out your space.  We are experienced and skilled in the use of commercial building materials and adherence to specific code requirements.

Drywall Installation and Finishing


New Construction


Sometimes, you have to knock down the old before you can build the new. And sometimes, you just need to knock down the old.  We can help you safely take down the structure and haul away the debris.

Rough Framing

The cornerstone of every quality project is superb framework.  Precision and forethought are imperative to ensuring the smooth progression and overall success of the project. Our craftsmen are experts in this skill set.  You can rest assured that we will begin your project with the end in mind to ensure a beautiful end result. 


Cabinet Installation

Looking to update your kitchen?  Installing new cabinets is a simple way to give your kitchen a fresh feel without undergoing a complete renovation.

Kitchen Renovations

Updating the kitchen is a common project homeowners undertake in hopes of increasing their home's value.  But even if you aren't planning to sell, a kitchen renovation can bring refreshing change. There are a lot of variables to consider in a project of this magnitude.  Let us help you plan and improve this important space.


Design-Build Construction

There are instances when our clients may have a project mind but need assistance with some creative problem-solving. With our experience and proficiency in structural and finish carpentry, we can help make a beautifully constructed design.

Interior Design Consulting

We have partnered with some dynamic designers who have an eye for beauty. When you enter a space daily, it can be difficult to imagine it in a new light. Let our designers help you think outside the box.


Deck/Porch Construction

Update the entrance of your home with a sturdy, new porch.  Liven up your backyard with a stunning, new deck.  Decks and porches can provide the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. 


Gazebo/Patio/Pergola Construction


Custom Carpentry

With your imagination and our woodworking expertise, we can team up to bring your ideas to life.

Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpentry is the final step of the carpentry process. During this step, we install doors, cabinets, baseboards, molding, hardwood floors, railings and other features that tie everything together to give the space aesthetic appeal. 

Window Installation

Floor Installation & Refinishing

Door Installation

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